This is the difference between the good and the great; the great execute. The good, they talk about it, sometimes they do it, sometimes they don’t. I want you to do me a favor, if you’re going to be great—because that’s what they told me, they called me because they want you to get to a whole new level—I’m telling you, you got to execute. When people call me my mindset is, ‘every single time I got to execute.’

My daughter plays basketball, she wanted some shoes and I couldn’t say ‘baby girl, I told you I was going to get you the shoes but it just didn’t work out; I didn’t make enough money to get you the shoes, so I’m going to be out of town.’ Daddy told her on Thursday we’re going to get the gym shoes, we went in, I said ‘get the gym shoes.’ She was like, ‘which ones daddy?’ Get the gym shoes. Whichever ones you want cause we aint on no budget. Cause daddy executed; his last gig he executed so they invited him back.

That’s the thing I love; I aint tripping on coming the first time. I’m trying to see how good I am, if you’re going to call me back. If you call me back that means, ‘Ah, executed, I did it! Whatever it is they wanted I think I made it happen because they brought me back.’ So girl, get what you want. I like those daddy. Then get those.

Execute. You know what’s on the test; that’s why you have a syllabus – execute. Don’t give me no sixty percent, seventy percent, eighty percent; if the professor told you what she wanted, give it to me. If he told you what he wanted, execute. That’s what separates the good from the great.

That’s why the Lions are a good team, they not great yet. They’re a good team, but they not great yet cause Stafford – he can’t execute always; he’s good. I don’t even know if he’s good to be honest, he’s got Megatron. That’s easy; he just throws it up and Megatron’s like, ‘I got it! Coming down.’ But every time for the most part, when he throws it to Megatron, that’s execution. And that’s deep because I watch Megatron and I’m looking for that body language and he’s just raising his hand. I’m looking for a complex, like a down-house; and he’s just like ‘Right there, right there, just throw it up. And if you just throw it up – just give me a chance. Stafford, just throw it.’

Did you all see the Cowboy game? I don’t know if you all saw the Cowboy game but it was one of the best players of the year. There was three defenders on him and Megatron just picks it out of the air like, ‘Boom, got it.’ Three defenders on him like they were just little kids; grown men in the NFL… Have you ever seen him catch the ball? Grown men trying to tackle him and he just knocks them down. Like he don’t run and do it, he stops for a minute like he’s going to go somewhere real quick, catches it, then starts running again. I’m not going to try to run and do it; I’m just going to knock you down real quick. That’s execution.

Listen to me, this is what I learned in life – you just got to make one more shot than they make – you don’t have to blow them out. One more run than they make. You just got to last one more quarter than they last. Execution. You just get one more out than they get, you just – one more down than they had. Execution! You just get one more push up than the next man, one more free-throw than the next man is willing to take, that’s all you got to do.

To be great all you got to do is just a little bit more than the next person is willing to do, and if you’re willing to execute just a little bit more, if you’re willing to — if you look at Michael Jordan when he played, he made millions! And if you looked at how many points he scored, he would win the title but it wasn’t like he averaged twenty-nine and the next guy averaged twenty-four; it was like twenty-nine and the next guy was like twenty-seven/twenty-eight. What does that mean? Michael Jordan just made one more basket than the average player in the NBA, and that one more basket made him a millionaire. All it takes for you to get a championship or go to the next level is to do a little bit more than the person who is playing your position is doing.


Eric Thomas

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