Confidence: Impossible is Nothing


This is kind of old school, I was kind of afraid to put this up there but – my man Muhammad Ali, you all probably don’t really know him like that. But – Muhammad Ali: Impossible is Nothing – I just want to put this in you because I know for some of you, the reason why you’re not at your highest level is because, like me, there was a time in my life where I lacked confidence.  I lacked confidence – I didn’t really know if I could compete with the best, you know what I’m saying. I didn’t go to the schools that they went to, I didn’t have the language that they had, I didn’t have the background that they came from, my parents didn’t go to school, my mother had me when she was a senior in high school, eighteen years old, I kind of lacked confidence.

And the thing I learned from Muhammad Ali is that, you know, he was the youngest heavy weight of his time because he believed. And not only did he believe, the thing I loved about Muhammad Ali is he would not only knock a dude out, but he would tell you when he was going to knock them out. That’s that confidence. He said, ‘Sonny Liston, you’re the champion of the world, I’ma give you five rounds. That’s it; and I’m knocking you out.’ Everybody was like, ‘Not only will you not knock him out, you’re going to get knocked out.’ Muhammad Ali said ‘five, that’s it. And I’m not playing – five.’ Fifth round came, Sonny Liston… on the ground. Muhammad Ali said, ‘I’m the greatest of all time. I shocked the world!’ Then he stopped boxing for a while because he wouldn’t go to the war; he came back, fought one of the greatest, George Forman. I’m talking, had a fist out of this world, and Muhammad Ali came out and said “I’m going to knock him out.’ But you haven’t fought in years! ‘I’m going to knock him out.’

George Forman was hitting my man, you thought Muhammad Ali was going to fall out; he had a strategy called a rope-a-dope, he taking licks, he taking licks… Listen to me, its one thing to be able to give them but if you’re going to be a champion then you got to be able to take them. Mike Tyson gave out a lot of them, nobody had ever hit him – Buster Douglas was the first one to get a good shot on him and knocked him out. And guess what? After Buster Douglas knocked him out, everybody knocked him out because they knew that he could be beat. There was a time that people thought he was a machine and he couldn’t be beat. But when one person knocked him out, it gave everybody else what? Confidence that it could be done. And many of you are not taking your game to that next level because you don’t have that confidence. And I used to be there – but now I got confidence. I know I could do it.


 ~Eric Thomas~

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