What’s Your Why?

Durant scares me because when Durant scores, he don’t say nothing. He aint getting nobody excited; he aint trying to get LeBron pissed off or pumped up. He just scores and my man in silence. The only thing he does at the end of the game, he kisses his mama, he hugs his brothers, alright I’m out. Game over.

But the one thing he does, I don’t know if you watched it, the first thing he does when he gets on the court is he does what? You all better start watching these games bro, because you’re gonna need to do what these champions doing if you’re going to be a champion. The first thing is what with them numbers? Touch them numbers on the front, touch them numbers on the back. And he’s doing that for who? Which coach? His coach that was killed – his coach died at what age? And he wears what number?


He’s got a why! He’s got a what? He aint just playing for no championship. He’s not – you got to hear what I’m telling you; if you’re going to be great on that field you’ve got to have a why! You’ve got to have a reason for why you do what you do. When he comes out, he aint tripping on LeBron, he don’t care nothing about no Dwyane Wade. All he keeps thinking about is, ‘I’m going to get one for my coach.’ That’s why he aint all smiling, because why? He aint smiling because what he is trying to accomplish he has not what? He aint got it yet. He aint geeked about winning no game, he aint geeked about beating San Antonio, he not tripping because they up one game. You won’t see that boy smile until he wins that championship, and when he gets it, he’s is going to hold it up.

The problem with some of you, the reason why you don’t given a hundred and twenty percent every dog on time you get on the field is because you don’t have a why for what you do. You aint got a why. I walk in the room I can see some of yall, I spoke to all of you when you came in for the most part, why? Cause I’m looking in your eyes, and I see some of yall and you aint serious. And you think you’re about to go out there with the Ray Lewis’es of the world? Man please… When Ray come out you see the passion – every game you see the energy. He come out every game like ‘Yall follow me! Follow my lead baby and we gonna win this thing!’ What’s your why?

Hey, if I don’t give you nothing else you better start that ‘What’s you why?’ You know why I do what I do and I do it so passionately? Because my grandfather was a high school dropout, my father was a high school dropout, I was a high school dropout, and we’re about to break the cycle. I do what I do so my son won’t have to go what I went through. When I was at the football game my old dude wasn’t with me. I saw other kids with their father – I said that will never happen to me. I do what I do because my daughter says she’s going to Harvard, it aint even about yall. I’m about to come in here and blaze yall, why? Because I’m trying to get to all the NFL, I’m not about to miss this opportunity. This is the first NFL team I’ve ever done in my life and I’m about to lick it. I’m about to give everything I got. And I will know, if I don’t get another gig, it won’t have nothing to do with the fact that I didn’t put everything on the field.

What’s you why? Why do you wake up in the morning? Why do you put on that jersey? Why do you go out and practice?


~Eric Thomas~

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