I am a living witness that if you’re brave enough to dream it, it can happen. You’ve got to be determined that no matter what it takes you’re not going to stop, you’re not going to quit, you’re not going to give up until you make your dream become a reality. When I leave this place it’s to help you come that much closer to making your dream become a reality.

2013 was the Why. So what happens is, as you grow, and as you develop, and as you improve yourself these new concepts start to come. And so the why had always been a part of my life, but I was able to tap into – 2013, I was able to tap into that why in a way I never tapped into that why before.

Are you excited? I’m going to be a millionaire! I’m going to change the world! I’m going to do this for this person, I’m going to buy this for my mom; my children, I am going to put them through school! You got all of these great dreams… and then you get up in the morning and life punches you in the face.

ET, just like you, I get punched in the face… Now you don’t always know about it, I don’t always talk about it because I don’t want to discourage you. But I have had multiple aunts, at least two or three aunts die of cancer in the last four or five years – we all get knocked out! Life hasn’t been a crystal stair; I’ve had my haters, I’ve had people who’ve come against me, who try to sabotage me.

I’m like the lion, I’m not the gazelle – I don’t need something external to motivate me. I find something within! And you got to do me a favor like, you can’t give up. You can’t give in. Listen to me; if it was easy everyone would do it. And if life’s got you backed up I need you to do what Buster Douglas did; Buster Douglas started fighting back. He said ‘I know you knocked out thirty other people before me but I will not the thirty-first.’ And finally they got to that round… where Buster Douglas knocked Mike Tyson out. And the world was shocked! Goliath has been knocked down, what happened!? And they went to Buster Douglas and they asked Buster Douglas simply like, what happened? And Buster Douglas said, ‘Listen to me – I’m just going to be honest with you guys. Here was the challenge, the challenge was, it’s real simple… before my mother died she told the whole world I was going to beat Mike Tyson. And two days before the fight my mother died.’

Buster Douglas had a decision to make; when his mother died he could die with his mother, or he made a decision, I can wake up, and I can live for mom! And he knocked Mike Tyson out simply because his why was greater than that punch.

Find that reason to wake up every day and go get it. Everybody’s got a dream, everybody’s got a goal. But when you write your why down, what your why does for you is says: You can’t quit! You can’t give up! You can’t stop! If there’s no money you make up something – you go print it. If nobody’s giving you an opportunity you create it. But what I can’t do is I can’t let me son down. I can’t let my wife down. I can’t let my parents down. I can’t let my city down. And for you your problem is your just focusing on your dreams and your goals; and you’re not focusing on why. Why? Why do you want this? Why do you get up in the morning?

Somebody said, ‘ET, why do you get up at three o’clock?’ Why not? If all I have to do is wake up at three o’clock in the morning and my family can live like they want to live, and I can change the world… three o’clock? Have you lost your mind? I will get up at three every day. Why? Because my why is greater than my sleep.

What makes a person average is their focus. Like an average person is focusing on getting paid – that’s why they’re average. A person who’s good, he’s focusing on, I want to make my boss happy. A person who’s great, his focus is what need can I meet? His focus is different – same human being but his focus is entirely different. Your concentration is supposed to change, and so what you’re focusing on throughout the course of the day, it has to change. What you’re looking at, what you’re reading, what you’re watching, the conversations you have… you must now be focused on your why, you must be focused on your dreams, and you must be focused on your goals.

When you’re great you don’t focus on a week. When you are great you don’t focus on a month. When you are great you don’t focus on a year. You concentrate on the twenty four hours that’s in front of you and you nail it!

 ET 2

~Eric Thomas~

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