Breaking Bad – by Suli Breaks


I guess no good deed goes unpunished. Ask Walter White.

A lot of us start out with good intentions, but life has a funny way of altering our perceptions.

My friend **** had dreams of being a model, but ended up selling her body for money.

My boy ******* wanted to be a doctor, but ended up selling coke.

He got into a course studying biomedical science at university, his dad wasn’t at home. And he didn’t want to leave his mother to raise his other 5 siblings alone.

**** just wanted people to appreciate her sexuality, and ******* just wanted to make people feel better medically..

… but life distorted both of those dreams, DRASTICALLY.

Because now he’s in prison,

And she got a disease passed on, through a sexual transmission.

I grew up around ‘gangsters’ ‘thugs’ and ‘drug dealers,’ but none of my friends where inherently evil or bad people.

Because **** not only had a beautiful face, but she also had an innocent soul.

And ******* used to be my mother’s favorite, whenever he came by to play SONIC at my house.

So maybe behind every Two-Face, there was Harvey Dent.

Or before there was a Cruella, there was a Cinderella, but no Prince Charming to pick  up her slipper.

The news always reports the damages done by The Hulk, but never the scientific marvels achieves by Bruce Banner.

I have one question I would like to ask Walter White. Does no good deed go unpunished?

Chemistry teacher to drug lord overnight.

Does this life turn us into Heisenberg, when all we wanted to be was Walter White.

Are we the villains?

or the victims?