The Journey

It just takes a spark…

Something to get the ball rolling.

Something to start the dream, the passion, the journey…

It just takes a glimpse of something great,

Something that makes you want to be better –

Something that makes you want to be part of something bigger.

Were you picked last? They don’t think you’re good enough?

Well too bad – you’ll be back… just wait.

Give them a reason, give them a reason to change their minds.

Greatness isn’t given. It’s earned.

Nothing worth celebrating comes easy;

You’re part of something bigger now, has it hit you yet?

Take it all in. Its time to show them what you’re about.

This path will be difficult,

You’re going to work, you’re going to sweat.

Early morning workouts? They’ll test you.

They’ll push you to and past your limit.

And just when you think you’ve hit a wall,

Get a running start, and knock it down!

Limitations? Hah, grab that bat. Break through it.

You know practice can’t be taken lightly.

Everyone likes to play the games.

Winners? Love to practice. They desire the grind.

Excellence is a choice, a decision.

Its hard to measure effort, its hard to measure attitude,

But you can control that, you can bring that.

Every. Single. Day.

You know the results of the compound effect;

You know how to get 1% better today, and then be able to do it again tomorrow.

Failure? Yeah its part of the game, part of life.

We embrace that, welcome it.

Failure is simply an opportunity to improve.

Adversity? Bring it.

Every player, every team will experience it.

The Final 8 in Omaha will be the best at overcoming it.

Use this moment, this chance, to compete against the game.

To grind daily, to show that you’re abnormal…

You’re willing to make consistent, positive, daily choices.

That is the mentality of greatness.

It is time to make your mark. Our mark.

We live by our core covenants:

Selflessness: I am a great teammate.

Excellence: I desire to get better every day in all areas of my life.

Energy: I will bring it every day with a relentless, positive attitude.

Do you think your opponents have put in this much work?

Who cares? They don’t matter.

You compete against the game.

The game is tough enough, the game always knows,

It knows who deserves to be rewarded.

You know this isn’t about any of us.

Its about all of us.

Its about the other eight men on that field,

That put in that work, share our beliefs,

Welcome that adversity, bring that energy.

Don’t just try to win;

Winning is the result of daily decisions to get better.

Winning will take care of itself. Believe that.

It just takes a spark. Its time to show where you’ve come from…

Its all about the journey.

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