Music is the Wallpaper of the Mind


So there is this great line about music that says that,

“Music is proof that the human race is greater than it knows.”

You know that feeling when you hear a transcendent symphony and you get the goose bumps and you’re moved to tears and you experience that kind of cognitive, emotional ecstasy?

Its music’s capacity to communicate the ineffable, the inexpressible. Its this urge to language that human beings have. And when crude words don’t work we have to translate it into symphony.

And these temporary ecstasies that we instrument into existence need to be recorded.

And our innovations with recording music are even more transcendent. What started as etching grooves on an LP, patterning the sound, instantiating it into physical form so that it could be played back has evolved now into a world of binary digital information.

Ecstasies beamed from brain to brain, from someone’s heart to someone else’s.

This is music and indeed that line is spot on:

Proof the human race is greater than it knows.

Jason Silva

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