Know Thyself

The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses.

Behind the lines, in the gym, and out there on the road.

Long before I dance under those lights.

Theory is not mastery. Repetition is.

If its systematic you can improve it, over and over again.

Muscle memory, miling, the neural connections go from forming a little string, to turning it into a cable wire.

But what I’ve learned is you don’t control everything in life.

You don’t control what you look like, or how to keep your heart beating, your lungs breathing, and your body from degenerating.

You don’t control who comes into your life and you certainty don’t control all of the lessons that the universe has in store for you.

So you can’t possibly account for how everything will work out, but you know your destiny.

You know what you want and you know why you want it on the deepest level.

And thoughts you can control.

Thoughts contain matter. Thoughts influence actions.

So the self talk is not hubris, or false pride, but its affirmation.

Its an understanding who you really are.

Who else is going to tell you, you are the greatest?

But you always carry your humility with you.

And you carry the same will to act when you are winning or even when you feel like you are dying.

That’s the mind of a psychological warrior.

But at some point the purpose is in a different intensity.

Letting go can be just as beautiful.

The legacy cannot be complete without it.

Everything that has a beginning has an end.

To appreciate life and all its glory, it must come full circle.

But here’s the distinction:

You are gone but never dead. You are away but never forgotten.

The message leaves an imprint forever.

How you lived; be true to yourself and to truth itself.

Its polarizing yet unifying.

Its tough yet gentle.

Bold yet humble.

And now the world needs a new champion.

Not only in the ring, but outside of it.

Who is going to step up and follow what had to be done?

Who is going to perpetuate the legacy?

An authentic life is a full life.

Know thyself and greatness will be yours.

— But if you even dream of beating me, you’d better wake up and apologize. —


Are you human?: A TED Talk given by Ze Frank


This is the human test, a test to see if you are a human. Please raise your hand if something applies to you. Are we agreed? Yes? Then let’s begin.


Have you ever eaten a booger long passed your childhood? It’s okay, it’s safe here.

Have you ever made a small, weird sound when you remembered something embarrassing? “Umph.”

Have you ever purposefully lower-cased the first letter of a text in order to come across as sad or disappointed? “okay”

Have you ever ended a text with a period as a sign of aggression? “Okay.”

Have you ever laughed or smiled when someone said something shitty to you and then spent the rest of the day wondering why you reacted that way? Yes.

Have you ever seemed to lose your airplane ticket a thousand times as you walked from the check-in to the gate? Yes.

Have you ever put on a pair of pants and then much later realized that there was a loose sock smushed up against your thigh? Good.

Have you ever tried to guess someone else’s password so many times that it locked their account? Hmm.

Have you ever had a nagging feeling that one day you’ll be discovered as a fraud? Yes, it’s safe here.

Have you ever hoped that there was some ability you hadn’t discovered yet that you were just naturally great at? Hmm.

Have you ever broken something in real life and then found yourself looking for an undo button in real life?

Have you ever misplaced your TED badge and then immediately started imagining what a three day Vancouver vacation might look like?

Have you ever marveled at how someone you thought was so ordinary could suddenly become so beautiful?

Have you ever starred at your phone smiling like an idiot while texting with someone?

Have you ever subsequently texted that person the phrase, “I’m starring at the phone, smiling like an idiot?”

Have you ever been tempted to, and then gave in to the temptation of looking through someone else’s phone?

Have you ever had a conversation with yourself and then suddenly realized, you’re a real asshole to yourself?

Has your phone ever run out of a battery in the middle of an argument and it sort of felt like the phone was breaking up with both of you?

Have you ever thought that working on an issue between you was futile because “it should just be easier than this” or, “this is supposed to happen just naturally?”

Have you ever realized that “very little in the long run” just happens naturally?

Have you ever woken up blissfully and suddenly been flooded by the awful remembrance that someone had left you?

Have you ever lost the ability to imagine a future without a person that no longer was in your life?

Have you ever looked back on that event with the sad smile of autumn and the realization that futures with happen regardless?


Congratulations, you have now completed the test. You are all human.


~ Ze Frank ~