Obsessed With Improvement


Listen to me very closely – I need you to upgrade your values. Somebody asked me about two months ago, he said “ET, if there is one mistake you made, whats the one mistake you made?” I said “I’m going to be honest with you, my values aren’t in alignment with my dreams.” He said “ET what do you mean by that?” I said “I’m going to tell you a story:”

I’ve got a good friend of mine, he came to me and said “Eric, my marriage is not where my marriage needs to be, I need to make some adjustments. I see you and your wife, I see how much time you spend with your wife, how much time you spend with your children, and I just – I want that. You buy your wife roses regularly, you always taking her out to eat… Like E I am watching you, you spoil her, ET what can I do?” And so I told him what to do and guess what he started doing guys? He started doing the exact same thing I started doing, and he said “Eric its not working. I’m doing exactly what you’re doing but its not working,” he said “why isn’t it working?” I said “You know why its not working? Because your values and your dreams — You say you want a better marriage, but I told you, you need to iron your wife’s clothes.” And you know what he told me? “I know Eric, you told me to iron, you told me to wash, you told me to cook, but where I come from when I do that, I feel like a punk.” And I said “And that’s why you’re having a hard time doing it.”

Because your value system says a man is not supposed to iron, a man is not supposed to cook, a man is not supposed to wash dishes; that’s what your value system saying. So you’re doing one thing, but you’re going against your own value system. The reason why I’m having such an easy time washing clothes and cooking and ironing-you know why-is because nothing is as important to me as my marriage. And I would rather be happy, I would rather be happy, than to say “I aint no punk.” Make me a punk, I want to be a punk! A happy punk. For real though, a friend of mine came to my house and I didn’t have a mop so I was on the ground and I was mopping the floor with a towel and he said “ET, the hiphoppreacher, you are on the ground and you’re mopping?” And I said “Yeah.”  He said “Your wife’s got you whipped.” I said “You didn’t know!? You just found that out?  I’ve been doing a terrible job I’m sorry. I am whipped.” And after twenty-three years you should be, and you’re if not its a problem.

So listen to me, there are those of you saying “I want to be a millionaire! I want to be the best in this company!” right? But your value system says you believe in sleep more than you believe in grinding. Your value system says you are a consumer and not a producer, that you are spending more money than you are making. Why? Because you’re a consumer – but you’re reading all the books and saying everything the the books are saying – but those books are not in alignment with your values. And if you are going to go to the next level your values are going to have to change.

That’s what happened for Eric Thomas, my values about learning changed. I realized that information changes situations and so I’d rather buy a book than buy a house. Because if I buy a book I can buy several homes, but if I buy a home and I don’t have the right informa– Guys for real, ok I’m going to leave you with this, this is crazy. Can I be honest with you guys? You could burn my house down and it wouldn’t bother me. Well how do I know? I had a home that a tornado tore down in Alabama, it didn’t bother me. Why? Because we have the blueprint; and they can rebuild it. You can take all my money out the bank, it might hit me-oooh-but if I tell you my line up of speaking, and our audio book, what we’re making every month we’ll be alright, I can make more money. But if you take the knowledge out of my head and take the experiences that I have, I am broke, I am nothing. So now I don’t just read because I see other people reading and I want to mimic what they’re doing; I really believe in reading now. And so all I do when I have time is read.

Last one: You’ve got to be obsessed with improvement guys. Last one, come on – come on! This one is so important because some of the greatest minds are going to be in front of you today. Some people in this room who are not just talking it, they’ve lived it.But here is the problem – the problem with most people is that you’re not obsessed with improvement. You’re obsessed with making money, you are obsessed with taking your business to the next level… And can I be honest with you guys? When you become obsessed with improvement — I will spend more time learning in Australia then I will speaking. I am going to say it again because you missed it: I will spend more time sitting under people, I will spend more time with Glenn, I will spend more time with Aaron, I will spend more time learning than I will speaking in this country! I will walk away with stuff I never heard before, books I’ve never read before, audios I’ve never seen before, going to conferences that I’ve never gone, hanging out with people that I’ve never hung out with before.

This is nothing guys, this is just a dessert. Me speaking is just a dessert. This is just the beginning – I came to Australia to learn. I came to Australia to get an upgrade. When I go back my wife will notice a difference, my kids will know a difference — why? I’m obsessed with improvement! Every day I am getting better! There are those of you with phones and every new phone that comes out, you get it. Every upgrade you get it, every piece of software you get it. You are upgrading your technology and you’ve not upgraded yourself! You’ve got the same operating system you’ve had since 1995 – you don’t think any different, you don’t speak any different, you are the exact same person you were in 2010.

And I challenge you, the final one, I challenge you, the final one I challenge you, we’ve got five seconds… four seconds I challenge you… Be Obsessed With Improvement.Be Obsessed With Improvement! BE OBSESSED WITH IMPROVEMENT!

– Eric Thomas –


Everybody Wants To … Until Its Time

Mateusz M 4

I’m fragile. I feel pain. I hurt. I open my eyes. I create. I conquer. I hold the power.

I’m a thinker. I create victory. I do not give up. I feel no fear. I fear no man.

I’m an athlete, a warrior, an artist.

Some of ya’ll been worshiped since you was in high school, so you don’t really know how to grind. Like you talk grind – like I love it, like I go into the weight room and ya’ll playing like Pac. Ya’ll playing Biggie, like ya’ll all in it. Like, you like Pac but you don’t have the spirit of Pac. You like love Pac,  you like listening to Pac, you like listening to Biggie, you like to talk about the grind. But you don’t really know what the grind’s like.

I know what the grind is like. I started from the bottom. What is your bottom when you’ve been worshiped since middle school? You’ve been tall your whole life, big your whole life… They worshiped you so much now that you think its about you. You don’t even know what the grind look like.

I’m from Detroit. Homeless. Mama got pregnant with me at seventeen years old. High school drop out. Took me twelve years to get a four year degree. I am coming now! Its in view!

You finally made it to the big leagues, and now you wanna chill? Now you got the big head? Now you can’t grind?

You here now. You here now! You finally made it!

And this is where you break up? This is where you start chilling? This is where you get comfortable?

You made it now! You made it now! You in the big leagues now! They watching you now!

This is where you make it permanent!

Yeah I saw – I saw, “perfect, perfect,” nope. Practice don’t make perfect. Practice makes permanence! This is permanent ya’ll! This is permanent. You can go wherever you wanna go from here.

It does not take talent – you don’t have to be talented. Right? You don’t have to be gifted, you don’t have to be the quickest, the strongest. You don’t have to be the most intelligent to get to where I am. This is what you gotta do: You just got to grind though. Your grind – you got to out grind!

So many of you may of heard me say this, your father, listen to me, might own a company, your momma might be a millionaire, you might come from privilege, your daddy might hook you up with a car, he might know people, he might be able to get you a job, but you will not out work me.

And what you have to decide in your position, in the NCAA, you have to make a decision, that nobody in this league, in your position, will out work you.

Listen to me, you have got to grow up and get to the point as a man that if you ever get beat, you better get beat by somebody that’s just purely more talented than you are. You better not ever get beat by somebody because you beat yourself.

You have to take advantage of an opportunity of a life time in the life time of the opportunity.

Let me tell you something, you sitting in this room, you think you going to be eighteen for the rest of your life, you think you’re going to be nineteen for the rest of your life, you got an opportunity right now that you won’t have five years from now. You have an opportunity right now that you will never have!

People say, “Why you grind so hard E?” I might not be the number one motivational speaker in the world five years from now. I gotta get everything I can get right now! Every book I can wright, every – listen to me! My school is being paid for by the athletic department – I am hot right now!

Right here. You may never get another one. Some of you, after this, there may not be another opportunity. And let me tell you what I tell athletes; the worst thing in the world is not growing up in poverty. The worst thing in the world is growing up in poverty and coming here, and getting worshiped, and not taking advantage of this, and you got to go back to the hood! That’s the worst thing that could ever happen to a brother.

You better not lose this! This is the opportunity of a lifetime! Your grandma counting on you to do the right thing. Your momma counting on you, your cousins, your brothers and sisters are counting on you to cash in on this opportunity.

Everybody wanna be a beast. Everybody wanna be a BEAST! … Until its time to do what beasts do.

Until its time to do what beasts do…

Everybody wanna be a beast! Everybody got a lio– tattoos of lions! Lions all on they twitter page– everybody got the lion thing now, they tweeting now, “Rawr!”

But when its time to practice you aint on beast mode! Let me tell you something as I’m getting out of here; can I be real with ya’ll? Most of ya’ll think that a lion is who he is because of how ferocious he is when he catch that gazelle or when he catch that zebra. Can I be real with ya’ll? A part of being a beast just aint eating a gazelle. A part of being a beast is to hunt.

Its the hunt that they excited about! They like to see the gazelles run, then boom! They take off! Cause real lions like to hunt! They love the process – the process – just as much as they love the prize.

And some of ya’ll just want to score! You don’t like the process! You not in love with the process!

A real man in the dark when nobody’s watching, he putting in work.

A real man in the dark when nobody’s watching, he putting in work

A real man, when coach aint even watching, he’s studying film on his own. Because he loves the process…

If you will be a champion, if you will be a beast, you gonna have to go through something.

Aint nobody gonna hand you nothing. Aint nobody gonna hand you no championship. Aint nobody gonna hand you no title.

So this is my year – I end – this is my year. Listen to me, say, “Be Phenomenal,” this is it, I want you to chant it out, this is it, “Be Phenomenal Or Be Forgotten.” One, two, three:



Lion or Gazelle?

Eric Thomas was asked to speak to

high school all american football players about having a sound mind and sound body…

This camp is not about you coming and putting on a shirt that says, “Sound Mind. Sound Body.” That’s not what this camp is about. This camp is you leaving and possessing – possessing! Everything they teach you, you taking it with you. You’re not just here to hear it – you’re not just here to hear it! You’re not just here to meet coaches, you’re not just here to get in the environment. You are here for everything Guy just told you, all the core things he told you about a sound mind — everything coach Antonio just told you — everything you heard, everything you see, you are supposed to take that! You take it with you and you embody it! You become the essence of everything they talked about and poof! You are going to automatically put yourself on a whole other level.

Some of you, you’re a beast! … until its uncomfortable. You’re a beast! … when the weather is right. You’re a beast! … when coach tell you to do something that you’re comfortable with. You’re a beast! … when you’re playing your position. You’re a beast! … When everything is going right. But sometimes stuff starts happening where it is uncomfortable and you start to break. You start to bend, you start to fold!

And what he told little man was, “You got to learn to become comfortable with being uncomfortable.” It aint always going to be the way you like; its not always going to be comfortable. The conditions aint always going to be perfect but if you want this – if you really want this – you gotta learn to sacrifice. You got to learn to give up to go up.

Some of ya’ll, there is some stuff when you leave this place… to make it to the next level there is some stuff you’re going to have to give up. Some people you are going to let go of, some habits you’re going to have to let go of, are you hearing what I am telling you? There’s some stuff you are going to have to give up, are you hearing me? There’s some stuff you’re going to have to sacrifice, some people you’re going to have to let go, some things you’re going to have to let go, some mind sets you’re going to have to let go of to get to that next level.

The thing that scares me about this room right here, is that you all got the same dream, but only a few of you are going to make it become a reality. The person with the strong mind and the strong body is the person that’s — listen to me very closely, this is what bothers me. I’m sitting in a room where everybody’s dreams can’t be a reality. Everybody who is playing the same position, ya’ll can’t all go to the same school – somebody is going to out beat somebody. Somebody is going to out do somebody, somebody is going to be the gazelle and somebody is going to be the lion. Somebody is going to walk out of here and say, “Everything I heard –” you going to take it and you’re going to apply it! You’re going to be a different person, you are going to operate different. Coach aint even going to know who you are – your parents aint going to know who you are! You’re going to shock yourself and surprise yourself!

When I was in Cairo, Egypt talking to ten thousand people it shocked me, I couldn’t believe it! High school drop-out, West side of Detroit, 8 Mile and Braile… in Cairo, Egypt. When I went to Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, I’m like “Yo, I’m from Detroit. By the grace of god, god’s mercy I am here!” I had a strong mind, a strong body; I started studying, I started putting in the work and I realized somebody else is trying to do exactly what I am trying to do.

Are you a gazelle? Or are you a lion? Are you a gazelle or are you a lion? And let me tell you the difference between a gazelle and a lion. When a gazelle wakes up it runs, but if a lion aint chasing it… it stops running. But when the lion wakes up… it don’t need nobody to push it, it pushes itself. Why? Because he realizes that if he does not catch that gazelle, not only him but his family don’t eat.

What are you playing this game for? What’s your passion? What’s your drive? What’s your purpose? What’s your purpose for playing this game? Why are you doing what you are doing? And when you know why you are doing what you are doing — you saw my t-shirt: “No Alarm Clock Needed. My Passion Wakes Me Up.” I got up at three o’clock this morning. No clock! I aint used the clock in twenty years, my passion wakes me up! My drive wakes me up. My determination wakes me up. My ability to be, do and have whatever I want, it wakes me up!

What wakes you up!? What drives you!? Why are you playing this game!? Is it just a game!? Or do you eat it, do you sleep it, do you drink it!? Have you possessed the game!? Do you want to change the game!?

I’m sitting with a D1 basketball player this morning, freshman, he pulled out a piece of paper and he showed me twenty goals: what he wants to accomplish in Big Ten. Eighteen year old kid, twenty goals! I asked him “Why you got these goals?” He said, “Because right now, my mama aint eating. Right now… Right now, my grandma, I can’t afford to buy her a drink of water. But I guarantee you next year this time, I’ll make my mark.” I said, “Ooh. I feel sorry for all the guards that got to come up against this kid.”

From this day forward! (From this day forward!)I will give a hundred and twenty percent! (I will give a hundred and twenty percent!) Or nothing at all! (Or nothing at all!) Strong Mind! (Strong Mind!) Strong Mind! (Strong Mind!) Strong Mind! (Strong Mind!) From this day forward! (From this day forward!) I will give a hundred and twenty percent! (I will give a hundred and twenty percent!) Or nothing at all! (Or nothing at all!) Strong Mind! (Strong Mind!) Strong Mind! (Strong Mind!) Strong Mind! (Strong Mind!) Strong Body! (Strong Body!)


So You Want To Succeed As Bad As You Want To Breathe – Now What?

So you thought it was the end of the story?

So you thought just because the student was willing to be obedient to the guru and not only wake up, but meet him at the beach early in the morning – you thought that was enough?

Oh I got it,

So you thought because he was willing to walk out into the deep of the ocean that, that was enough; because, the guru placed his head under the water, pulled it out, and taught him that the secret of success is wanting it as bad as you want to breathe. So you thought that was the end of the story?

You thought that one single event, that one single moment was enough for him to stand amongst the greats, to make his dream become a reality…

Well you thought wrong.

In fact, it is far from over. That was the easy part.

Now! Now it’s time, to redefine the grind.

So you thought it was over… ha. Well it is just getting started.

See, this is the part; this is the part where life demands you make a lifelong commitment. This is the part where life demands that you make a vow,

Come hail or high water, that you’re willing to pay the price,

The full fair where you earn your spot with effort, with sweat, with blood, with tears!

So you say you want it as bad as you want to breathe… Then it’s your time.

It’s examination time. It’s time to get tested.

To test your will, your endurance – it’s time to test your heart.

To test your limits!

This is the part where you reinvent yourself.

Sleep? I don’t sleep – you thought that was it?

It goes deeper than going without sleep because you might miss the opportunity to succeed.

No, no, no – It’s about no days off.

No weekends. No holidays. No birthdays.

Listen to me: No Days Off!

No half days, no holidays, no snow days.

It’s about gaining the competitive edge. It’s about separation.

It’s about separating yourself from the pack – the competition.

It’s about being a little faster, a little stronger-listen to me-a little faster than you were last year, last month, last week.

In fact, you’ve got to be a little faster today then you were yesterday.

And you can’t afford – on the road to success – you can’t afford to make excuses.

No excuses.

When you feel pain, and trust me you will feel it –

You’ve got to go deep, deep down beyond, beyond exhaustion, beyond worn out –

And when it’s harder than you imagined it would be, when it takes longer than you thought it would take, and when the load is heavier than you thought you could bare –

And all you want to do is give up, and all you want to do is given in –

When you feel like you’ve given all you got…

You got to take one more step! You got to run one more lap! You got to throw one more punch!

And regardless of how much effort it takes, you got to fight back!

You got to fight a little harder and you’ve got to defeat disappointment. Annihilate weakness and punish the competition.

It’s about pushing yourself beyond the limits.

It’s about perfecting the You.

Not just doing more, not just being better – But finding your best!

Listen to me; this is more than wanting it as bad as you want to breath,

That’s not enough.

You’ve got to be willing to face every fear, to climb every mountain, defy every odd, onslaught every obstacle.

One step at a time, one day at a time,

Until you, only you are left standing.

There is no one else, or nothing in your way,

Until you reach the top!


~ Eric Thomas ~



This is the difference between the good and the great; the great execute. The good, they talk about it, sometimes they do it, sometimes they don’t. I want you to do me a favor, if you’re going to be great—because that’s what they told me, they called me because they want you to get to a whole new level—I’m telling you, you got to execute. When people call me my mindset is, ‘every single time I got to execute.’

My daughter plays basketball, she wanted some shoes and I couldn’t say ‘baby girl, I told you I was going to get you the shoes but it just didn’t work out; I didn’t make enough money to get you the shoes, so I’m going to be out of town.’ Daddy told her on Thursday we’re going to get the gym shoes, we went in, I said ‘get the gym shoes.’ She was like, ‘which ones daddy?’ Get the gym shoes. Whichever ones you want cause we aint on no budget. Cause daddy executed; his last gig he executed so they invited him back.

That’s the thing I love; I aint tripping on coming the first time. I’m trying to see how good I am, if you’re going to call me back. If you call me back that means, ‘Ah, executed, I did it! Whatever it is they wanted I think I made it happen because they brought me back.’ So girl, get what you want. I like those daddy. Then get those.

Execute. You know what’s on the test; that’s why you have a syllabus – execute. Don’t give me no sixty percent, seventy percent, eighty percent; if the professor told you what she wanted, give it to me. If he told you what he wanted, execute. That’s what separates the good from the great.

That’s why the Lions are a good team, they not great yet. They’re a good team, but they not great yet cause Stafford – he can’t execute always; he’s good. I don’t even know if he’s good to be honest, he’s got Megatron. That’s easy; he just throws it up and Megatron’s like, ‘I got it! Coming down.’ But every time for the most part, when he throws it to Megatron, that’s execution. And that’s deep because I watch Megatron and I’m looking for that body language and he’s just raising his hand. I’m looking for a complex, like a down-house; and he’s just like ‘Right there, right there, just throw it up. And if you just throw it up – just give me a chance. Stafford, just throw it.’

Did you all see the Cowboy game? I don’t know if you all saw the Cowboy game but it was one of the best players of the year. There was three defenders on him and Megatron just picks it out of the air like, ‘Boom, got it.’ Three defenders on him like they were just little kids; grown men in the NFL… Have you ever seen him catch the ball? Grown men trying to tackle him and he just knocks them down. Like he don’t run and do it, he stops for a minute like he’s going to go somewhere real quick, catches it, then starts running again. I’m not going to try to run and do it; I’m just going to knock you down real quick. That’s execution.

Listen to me, this is what I learned in life – you just got to make one more shot than they make – you don’t have to blow them out. One more run than they make. You just got to last one more quarter than they last. Execution. You just get one more out than they get, you just – one more down than they had. Execution! You just get one more push up than the next man, one more free-throw than the next man is willing to take, that’s all you got to do.

To be great all you got to do is just a little bit more than the next person is willing to do, and if you’re willing to execute just a little bit more, if you’re willing to — if you look at Michael Jordan when he played, he made millions! And if you looked at how many points he scored, he would win the title but it wasn’t like he averaged twenty-nine and the next guy averaged twenty-four; it was like twenty-nine and the next guy was like twenty-seven/twenty-eight. What does that mean? Michael Jordan just made one more basket than the average player in the NBA, and that one more basket made him a millionaire. All it takes for you to get a championship or go to the next level is to do a little bit more than the person who is playing your position is doing.


Eric Thomas

Hard Times: By Younes Marxieu; featuring Les Brown, Eric Thomas, and Nick Vujicic



Where have you been? Why are you here? And where are you going? When you look at your life, when you look at what you’ve produced… Is it giving you what you want? Are you living on purpose? Are you living your dream? Are you acting on your ideas? Are you doing all you can do? Have you gotten comfortable? Are you procrastinating? Are you evading your own greatness? Are you surrounding yourself with people that can nourish you? Are you challenging yourself? Are you experimenting? Are you learning something different? … Is your life an adventure or is it boring? …Why are you here? What brought you here-investing the time, the money-what brought you here? What decisions are you making right now as you look into the future? Where are you going with your life?

I don’t care how hard you fail, I don’t care how many times you failed the test, I don’t care if nobody don’t believe in you, it only takes you believing in yourself to get this thing done. As long as you believe in you, you’ve got the right mind set, you got the right attitude, you can have whatever you like. But if you fall, I need you to fall forward – I need you to fail forward.

Now are there going to be some moments when you want to give up? Yes. Will there be some moments when it’s going to seem like it’s impossible – the pain that you’re experiencing, the disappointment that you’re experiencing, that you’re going to say, ‘It’s not worth it.’ Yes. That’s going to be right there for you. It’s going to be in your face telling you to ‘Go Back!’

But don’t let the distractions distract you. Alright; you’ve got to keep moving, don’t stop —

Separate what you do, from who you are. That’s what the guilt trap is about… All of us have made some mistakes in life. All of us have done some things that if we had them to do over again we wouldn’t do it again. A lot of things that, if I had to do over again – if I knew then what I know now I would have done it differently. Well it didn’t happen that way! A lot of us because of our limited vision of ourselves, a lot of us who begin to focus on problems and enable them to overwhelm us, we begin to think that we have no options. We begin to believe that there is no way out. You can always better your best. You can always go beyond anything that you have ever done. And I’m saying that the fact that you’re still here, that you’re still breathing, you’ve got some work – and you owe it to yourself so that when you get up in the morning you can look yourself in the face and say, ‘Hey, I’m living my life on my terms.’

I’m going to tell you there are sometimes in life where you fall down, and you feel like you don’t have the strength to get back up. You pretend that everything is ok when it’s not, and you go home and lay in your bed when no one’s looking at you, and you don’t have to impress anybody, and fear comes in. You know the fear that you have as soon as you walk into the doors of your house, maybe because it’s a broken home. Maybe you have doubt in your life. Maybe you don’t know for sure what’s going to be happening in the future and it scares you. Maybe you’re worried about what people think of you and what people say about you; just that fear paralyzes you. And I just want to ask you today, do you think you have hope?

Right now you’re at the worst place in your life that you’ve ever been; I believe this is your beginning but this doesn’t have to be your end. That just because you are currently here, this is your present circumstances – that life don’t have to end for you right now.

What is it that will give you the drive, what is it that will ignite the courage in you to get up and come back again and again and again?

Your why. Your why is going to push you when you can’t push yourself. When you want to quit and give up your why is going to give you that edge you need, that advantage you need, that lift that you need to get to the next level. Your why! Yes we’re tired, yes we’re hungry, yes the mind is saying ‘give up,’ yes its saying ‘quit,’ but we cannot quit because we realized we have not reached a goal yet. This is not what I said I was going to do. This is not what I talked about. This is not the goal. This is not what I dreamed about. This is not what it looks like.

I will try one hundred times to get up – and if I fail one hundred times, if I fail and I give up do you think that I am ever going to get up? No.

So I need you to believe.

If I fail I try again, and again and again. For as long as I try there is always that chance of getting up.

You can decide that you’re going to stand up to life!

It’s not the end until you’ve given up – there’s still hope.

You’re going to work through this. You’re going to get up, you’re going to get dressed, you’re going to get out and you’re going to do what you’ve been called to do. You’re going to be what you’ve been called to be. You’re going to have—and you’re going to prove to everybody that tried to break you, everybody that tried to stop you, everybody that tried to kill your dream, you’re going to prove all of them wrong. I use the pain to push me to greatness. And I’m telling you right now, don’t give up. I’m telling you right now, don’t give in. Get through it. There is still time as long as there is breath in your nostrils, as long as you can wake up in the morning—

It matters how you’re going to finish, and you will find that strength to get back up.

You still in the game. Which means if you’re in the game, and there’s still time in the game, still time left in the game – you can still win the game. You can’t afford not to be you. You can’t afford just to go to work to get a check. You cannot afford not to see what your greatness is. You can’t afford not to put your foot all the way down and see what you can get out of life.

You’ll get knocked down but you won’t be knocked out. I am going to empower me; and all of these things that are happening to me right now, they’re just temporary inconveniences. They’re not stronger than I am.

You can’t afford not to be you.

You’re going through some hard times – it has not come to stay, it has come to pass. It takes guts to pick yourself up. It takes guts, you’ve got to dig down deep and gut it out. Keep on going. Again and again and again until you make it happen because you know, that it’s possible.

Many of you right now, life’s got you against the rope and you can’t give up, you can’t give in. If it was easy everybody would do it. And if life’s got you backed up then start fighting back.

When life knocks you down try to land on your back because if you can look up, you can get up! It’s necessary you take responsibility, that you make it happen, that you don’t give up, that you keep on keeping on, that you don’t decide that ‘I can’t make it,’ because you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. We have so much energy that can take us so far – it’s necessary that you hook up with some other energy that can take you to the next level. Just go out there, it’s possible that you can get what you want. It’s necessary – if you want it you got to go into action. You’ve got to be willing to experiment; you got to be willing to fail and to succeed. Here’s your dream manifested. ‘No its hard.’ Yes it’s hard. ‘It’s difficult.’ That’s right… and it’s worth it!

It’s necessary that you have a plan of action, that you’re resilient, that you stick to it, that you have the vision and never give up, that you become creative and relentless, and keep on coming back again and again and again, and that it’s you that has to take personal responsibility to make it happen, and that its hard – easy is not an option. And when life knocks you down jump back up and say: It’s Not Over Until I Win!



Les Brown: 1, 3, 5, 8, 13, 18, 20, 22

Eric Tomas: 2, 4, 7, 9, 11, 15, 17, 19, 21,

Nick Vujicic: 6, 10, 12, 14, 16,


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The Young Man and the Guru.

The story is about a young man, who wanted to make a lot of money and he decided to go to this guru. He told the guru that, “I want to be on the same level you’re on.” So the Guru said, “If you want to be on the same level I’m on, I’ll meet you tomorrow at the beach at four a.m.” “The beach?” the young man asked, puzzled. “I said I want to make money; I don’t want to swim.”

The guru said, “If you want to make money, I’ll meet you tomorrow at four a.m.”

The young man got there at four a.m. ready to rock and roll, he’s got on a suit (he should have worn shorts), the old man grabs his hand and says, “How bad do you want to be successful?” The young man says, “Real bad.” The guru says, “Walk on out into the water.” So the young man walks out into the water (watch this), when he walks out into the water it goes waist deep. The young man is thinking, “… this guy is crazy… I want to make money and you got me out here swimming, I didn’t ask to be a life guard, I want to make money. And you got me in…” The guru interrupted the young man’s thoughts and said, “Come out a little further.” The young man walked out a little further, the water was right around his shoulder area. The young man is thinking again, “… this man is crazy, he’s making money, but he’s crazy.” The guru said, “Come on out a little further.” The young man came out a little further, the water was right at his mouth. My guy is like, “I’m about to go back… this guy is out his mind!

So the old man said, “I thought you said you want to be successful?”

The young man said, “I do.” The guru commanded, “Walk out a little further.” The young man came and the guru reached down and dropped his head in, holding him down, the young man starts beating and slapping the water. He had him held down and just before the young man was about to pass out, the guru raised him up. He said, “I got a question for you. When you were under water, what did you want to do?” The young man said, “I wanted to breathe.”

The guru told the guy:

“When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.”