Uncomfortable vs Exhaustion

So you want to be successful huh? Well there’s one thing in this world that has the ability to change our whole life in an instant. You know what it is? Its action. So first step, you just need to make a decision.

Ask yourself this, a year from now, five years from now, what are you going to wish you did today? The secret to getting ahead in this world is first getting started. You can’t let fear stand in the way of your dreams. You cannot think “Oh what if this doesn’t work?” If you believe enough in the process and the end result, success is going to come to you. It will. You just got to be willing to see it through to the end. But first you just got to jump in the deep end man; and once something goes into motion it stays in motion. The process itself feeds the fire. You can’t be trapped by fear. Limits like fears, they’re illusions. Disregard them. If you’re passionate about it and you go full throttle, there is no doubt: you are going to be good at it.

Because what makes someone good at something? Its dedication, hard work, and its doing it with the proper direction and methodology. So if you plug away you are going to be good.

But what makes someone a professional at something? Its the concept of taking that little idea, that little decision you make, and executing to take it as far as your imagination holds. Dedicating every breath in your body to that single cause. Seeing the grand picture at the end of the road to be the absolute best. And not settling for any reason. Its not talent, its not innate ability, it simply comes down to how hungry you are.

How hungry are you to improve? How big is your appetite for success? What are you willing to do to reach your dreams?

The professionals, the best at their craft, they don’t care about the naysayers. They don’t care about the fun they are foregoing. They don’t take days off. They are one hundred percent set in their ways in perfecting their craft. Because its all for a much larger purpose than any semblance of happiness that immediate gratification provides. Reaching your goal? Well thats just pure bliss.

The higher the expectations, the larger the goal? Well the feeling just magnifies. So whats the difference between you and them? The professionals, they are the ones who are willing to knock on the doors of complete exhaustion every single day. Now let me define exhaustion for you.

Exhaustion is at that very point where its just so damn painful that you just can’t push anymore. That it hurts so bad that you cannot even think straight. Its in reaching that point when deep down, you know, that you did absolutely everything in your power. That there wasn’t one more thing you  could have done. So whats the difference between them and you?

What are you doing at this present moment in time? Ask yourself this: Are you moving closer towards your goals, or are you moving further away from them? Are you knocking on those doors of exhaustion, or are you just comfortable? You see, being uncomfortable is not exhaustion. Being uncomfortable is your mind quitting before your body. Being uncomfortable is just saying no to trying again. Achieving greatness happens when you are willing to do something that will kill you just to make you better.

You see, its easier to buy the ticket to see the game then it is to be the one to prepare for it. Its easier to hang out with your friends then it is to hang with the stairs for an hour. Its easier to sleep in then it is to wake up to a hundred sprints. Its easier to go to a party then it is to go ass to the grass in squats. Its easier to watch athletes from the couch then it is to be the one hoisting the trophy.

But its also a lot easier to look back on your life and know you gave it your all then it is to live with regrets. Not living up to your potential… Well that weighs on your shoulders for a life time.

No one said that being successful was going to be easy. But I will tell you one thing, it sure as hell is worth it. You are your own maker in your world, and there is no such thing as failure. You just got to tell it, “No. Not this time. Not with me.” I’m going to try again, and again, and again, and I’m going to look failure straight in thew face and I’m going to tell it that I am willing to go through all of the struggles to reach my dreams. Because without struggle there is never going to be any progress. Its all in how bad you want it.

How big is your appetite for success? Do you just want a bite, or are you starving out there for it?

Stay empty. Stay driven. Stay hungry.

–Jaret Grossman–


Know Thyself

The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses.

Behind the lines, in the gym, and out there on the road.

Long before I dance under those lights.

Theory is not mastery. Repetition is.

If its systematic you can improve it, over and over again.

Muscle memory, miling, the neural connections go from forming a little string, to turning it into a cable wire.

But what I’ve learned is you don’t control everything in life.

You don’t control what you look like, or how to keep your heart beating, your lungs breathing, and your body from degenerating.

You don’t control who comes into your life and you certainty don’t control all of the lessons that the universe has in store for you.

So you can’t possibly account for how everything will work out, but you know your destiny.

You know what you want and you know why you want it on the deepest level.

And thoughts you can control.

Thoughts contain matter. Thoughts influence actions.

So the self talk is not hubris, or false pride, but its affirmation.

Its an understanding who you really are.

Who else is going to tell you, you are the greatest?

But you always carry your humility with you.

And you carry the same will to act when you are winning or even when you feel like you are dying.

That’s the mind of a psychological warrior.

But at some point the purpose is in a different intensity.

Letting go can be just as beautiful.

The legacy cannot be complete without it.

Everything that has a beginning has an end.

To appreciate life and all its glory, it must come full circle.

But here’s the distinction:

You are gone but never dead. You are away but never forgotten.

The message leaves an imprint forever.

How you lived; be true to yourself and to truth itself.

Its polarizing yet unifying.

Its tough yet gentle.

Bold yet humble.

And now the world needs a new champion.

Not only in the ring, but outside of it.

Who is going to step up and follow what had to be done?

Who is going to perpetuate the legacy?

An authentic life is a full life.

Know thyself and greatness will be yours.

— But if you even dream of beating me, you’d better wake up and apologize. —


In the Dark – by Jaret Grossman

Will you film when no one is watching?  Will you sing when no one is listening? Will you write when not one soul will read it? Because if you can, then its yours.

Will you do it in the dark? When no one is there to tell you what to do or who you should be. When no one is there looking over your shoulder making sure you actually do it. There is no one grading your homework here. You’re the teacher and you are the student.

So will you do it when no one cares? When there is no funding, no support. When there are no crowds and no one is there to cheer you on and pump you up – will you do it then?

The greatest advice I can ever give you is that you must be successful before you can ever be successful. Meaning, whatever you want to do in this life, or whoever you want to be, you most do it before you are ever rewarded for it. Because if you  can’t handle that struggle, you don’t deserve the comfort.

See, you want to be an inspiration – but  you can’t influence anybody if you can’t influence one person first: yourself. How are you going to be that rock to someone if you can’t do it now, by-your-self? You want to be relied upon? You have to make it through that mud first.

See, last time I checked its ‘monkey see, monkey do,’ not ‘monkey hear, monkey do.’ Your character is defined by what you actually do. And no action speaks louder than when you do it when no one is paying attention. When there is no accountability except to yourself, and your own word becomes your bond.

You will be rewarded in public for what you spend years doing in the dark, alone, in your private time. Do you do it for Instagram or is that genuinely who you are? Have the water bottles just lying around the car if that’s who you are, don’t clean up when someone stops by the house.

You can fool people some of the time but you can’t fake life. You can’t bypass universal principles that this universe was created upon. All the behaviors, all of them tie together. Because you bring yourself into everything that you do. So how you do anything is how you do everything.

And if you want to be a legend then there has to be something different about you. Its called congruency. Will you hold the door open when you don’t get a thank you? How do you treat people you don’t have to be nice too?

Real legends, real ones do the right thing. Especially when there is no reward. So you better earn your stripes when no one knows your name. When no one is giving you money to continue. And you better believe in yourself when no one else does. And you better believe in some moral principles long before you are under those lights.

Because the war is won before it is ever fought.


Identity – by Jaret Grossman

One thing changes us, one thing. And that’s who we perceive ourselves to be. So I don’t care if you have to play mind ticks with yourself about where you came from or what genetics you’re born with or what skills you actually have. But its all about the culture that’s set within. See, its January first and you’ve got these resolutions right, well lets break down that word.

What are you trying to resolve? Whats in conflict? Well whats in conflict is, who you are right now is not who you want to be, or who you need to be, for that matter. See there’s a gap, and you have to understand that gap and you need to close it. How do you close it? Well first you make a decision. You decide right here right now, that you’re no longer going to keep up with this set of rituals that you’ve created for yourself. And your not going to call it “a set of rituals.” No no no no no.

You know it as sleeping nine and a half ours, as hitting the snooze button three times before you wake up, as checking facebook every time you hit your computer. But make no mistake about it, if you’re doing it every single day, then its a culture. Its a routine that you’ve set for yourself, and its about creating a new tone. Its about creating a new standard. Its about creating a new way of life.

So you decide to make a new pattern and you take action with it and you stay committed to it. Because you’re going to get pumped up, you’re gonna get excited, you’re gonna be energetic to wright down those resolutions or to make goals, to make that initial decision. But whats left after that energy fades? And I promise you it will fade.

Whats left is you. The measure of the man, the measure of the woman. Beyond the smoke, behind the mirrors, what is left is you. Your effort, when the energy fades do you stay true to your word? Because your word is your bond. You made a promise, are you going to stick to that pact?

Decision, action, and commitment. That’s what forms a new identity. Because that’s the one thing that changes us. See, politics aside, Marcus Luttrell made up in his mind that he wasn’t going to die on that mountain top. He knew in his heart of hearts that he wasn’t going to go out that way. That’s how you can get through broken bones. That’s how Michael Jordan is able to have, what most people would call a “career game,” with the flu. That’s how Michael Phelps wins his seventh medal by one one-hundredth of a second.

He is getting dominated the entire race, his hands are all the way back just before the other guy is going to touch the wall – and before you can blink, he is able to touch the wall. That’s not motivation, that’s not passion, that’s not skill, that’s not even desire. That’s not wanting it more than the other person – that’s identifying with something so deep. That’s something resonating inside you that says “I do not lose. This is who I am. And there is no alternative, this is how its going to be.”

And that’s when you change long term. See you’ve got weak parts, and you’ve got strong parts. Its about which one you’re going to reinforce. See Kobe Bryant, he knew he had to divide himself. He had to separate his personal struggles from when he stepped onto the court, that’s why he created the Black Mamba. You’ve got weak parts and you’ve got strong parts, that you’ve got to be able to flip the switch and know when the ruthless, competitive, that killer instinct is going to come out.

This new identity that you formed for yourself, who do you see yourself as?

Who do you really see yourself as?

Because when that changes, then the mechanics change.


Be Successful Before You Can Be Successful


You have to be successful before you can ever be successful. Some of you caught me, some of you didn’t. You have to be successful from within first, before you can ever be successful in terms of the public eye. You can never make a lot of money until your habits are there that dictate you deserve a lot of money. You can never be really ripped until your habits are there that you deserve to be really ripped. It’s the most universal law in physics; every action has an opposite and equal reaction.

So you’re expecting a reaction, but what’s the action? What’s the driving force that is going to produce the result that you want? You have to give with your energy, your effort, your sweat equity. Whatever your material that you posses, you need to leave it out in the environment, create a beneficial foot print in some way shape or form, if you are ever going to receive something.

Michael Jordan used to say that he didn’t compete with other people on the basketball court. If he did he would have never been the person that he eventually became. He used to say that the standard that he set for himself was such a ridiculous standard that no one could ever live up to it. That his work ethic was just in this direction of competing with what he was capable of. Not the today version. Not the yesterday version. Not the tomorrow version. But what he was capable of!

And what you practice during your private time, you will be rewarded for in the public eye. You are capable of so much more than you could ever imagine. Your capabilities and your standards need to be raised in terms of what you are producing today, what you are going to produce tomorrow. That you are going to say to yourself:

I am going to do more in a half hour, I am going to commit more to myself than most people commit during eight hours of work, that I’ll get more done in that time. And then I am going to work ten hours with that pace. And then when I get home I am going to walk the dog – because I have energy that just comes to me, I am capable of that. Then I am going to wash the dishes, then I am going to make my bed, clean my room. Then I am going to read, then I am going to go back to the gym, then every single meal is going to be right. And when I am in the gym, I’m not going to stop when the first sign of lactic acid comes in and I get that fatigue – because that’s a limitation of what I am capable of. That ten reps? I’m not going to set that limitation, I am going to start counting when it hurts. And I am not going to stop until I literally cannot do it anymore.

You need to raise the standard of what you think is acceptable and unacceptable of yourself. What car do you want to drive? Do you want the best or are you ok with mediocre? How much money do you want to make? Do you want to have a really fat cushion, or are you ok just getting by? Are you ok with being fifteen percent body fat? Or do you say to yourself, ‘there is not going to be a day that goes by that I don’t look at my abs – and I need to improve every single day?’

That’s a standard. And you’re capable of something that you can not even fathom – that you can’t imagine. But you need to be successful on the inside – with your habits, with your rituals, with your routine. And give your energy throughout every single opportunity that you’re presented throughout all twenty-four hours. That you are not going to say that ‘I can’t do this.” Because that’s a limitation of what you’re capable of. You’re not going to say that ‘I am tired, that I need to rest,’ but you’re going to say ‘I am going to do this. And I am going to do it to the best of my ability and I am going to do it until I can’t do it anymore. And then I am going to gain the muscle so that tomorrow it is going to be easier to do it, it’s not going to be harder.’

Compete with what you are capable of. Not the people who you surround yourself by. Not with who you were yesterday. Not with who you are today. But with what you are capable of. And then it is just a matter of time before you are going to be a legend.


Transcript created from a video by: MuscleProdigyTV

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLYr_uV9c_o

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Mental Fitness

dan gable 2

Just like you can train your body to improve its physical fitness, you can train your mind to improve your mental fitness, your emotional fitness, your mental toughness.

If you don’t know who Dan Gable was, he was probably the best athlete coach combo of all time. He went undefeated in high school and in college he was undefeated up until his very last match, the NCAA finals, which was the only loss of his career which agonizes him to this day. But as revenge, most people would crumble after that and he was distraught after that, but he mustered up the willpower to become an even better wrestler. And he didn’t let up a point in the Olympics while winning six straight matches. That will probably never be done again. In coaching, his coaching career, he won fifteen NCAA titles out of twenty one years coaching. That is unheard of.

Anyway, his training was unprecedented and allowed him to carry this mentality over into his good coaching career; that’s why he was so successful. According to his logs he hit the outlier’s mastery-which is Malcom Gladwell’s ten thousand hour theory-when he was a freshman in high school. He would run to class with ankle weights on his ankles, and he would have a rope in his hand and during class he would do isometrics. And he did this every day, not just once. He would train seven hours a day seven days a week. He would push himself to the point where he would cry because of the pain, and his teammates said that they had to carry him out of the wrestling room. He used to consider his team practices as sort of his warmups – that he would make the coaches and heavyweight wrestlers stay after.

Lou Banach, who was one of his wrestlers when he was coaching, who was a national champion, said the toughest part of his collegiate career was waking up at six a.m. to wrestle Dan Gable – and this was when he was coaching, he wasn’t even competing at this point. And Banach, who is a gold medalist in his own right, tells a story that in preparation for the 1984 Olympics, Gable, who weighed sixty pounds less than him, would get on top of him, because he would say that take downs were too hard Gable would win every time, so he was like, “get on top of me, I have got to try and escape.” And Gable would turn him for forty-five minutes straight without letting him up once. This was years after he was done competing. His mental toughness, his drive, was just on a whole other level. He wouldn’t lose.

See the mind is at the forefront of how our body reacts to being physically exhausted, physically tired. The mind is our feedback system, so it makes perfect sense that we need to train our mind and get it used to experiencing this fatigue, being tired, and then it will be able to adapt; so you can control the mind. It’s kind of like the Navy Seal’s training when they are submerged under cold water. They make them lie down on the freezing cold beach until the water just passes over them for hours, to a point where normally most people get hypothermia. But they want them to get used to this feeling so that they don’t panic. And so they make them control the reaction instead of letting the reaction control them.

So Gable now-he’s a motivational speaker now-often tells this story during his speeches about why certain people succeed and why others don’t. And it’s the concept that you’re going to give your mind to a cause regardless of how much pain you will endure. So he says that he was reading the newspaper, and this was like in the 80s/90s, and he said that he was reading about track and field and it talked about a four minute mile. And this well after Bannister broke the four minute mile, but anyway, when he was training in high school in the 60s he said that there were three high school athletes that were running the mile in under four minutes. So he said by this point there had to be hundreds of athletes that have run the four minute mile in the last like thirty years or so. So he is reading this article and it says “no high school athlete in the last thirty-one years has run the four minute mile.” And he got appalled by that. He says, “I’ve been in this wrestling room and putting out champions and so on and so forth, and I’ve been telling them all these things about opportunity. And I’ve been training them and making sure they took advantage of the situation and what’s going on.” And he’s like, “I couldn’t figure it out.” And then he said it started clicking and that “not everybody has been on the same wavelength as me, not everybody was willing to push themselves to this level mentally, not everybody was taking advantage of the opportunities that are put in front of them.”

And so he kept reading the article and it kept talking about this year’s national championship in high school. And it talked about the leader of the race and it had some quotes in there. And it said that the kid was running and he only had about two hundred yards to go, halfway in the last lap, and he could see a big clock that showed his time, and it showed the four minute mile time, and he was two seconds ahead of the four minute mile time. And all of the sudden the quote said, “I looked over my left shoulder, I saw no one. I looked over my right shoulder, and I saw no one. And I knew I could win the race. I knew that I was on the four minute mile track time as well but I said, ‘You know, I am hurting, I could win the race and slow down, or I could win the race and keep the same pace and break the four minute mile.’” And he says, “I think I’ll slow down,” and he ran it in about 4:01 or 4:02.

And Gable says, “When I read that I was so bothered, because again, all my life with the opportunity that was in front of me-based on everybody that I’d been associated with-I took advantage of that opportunity. All my life, in the wrestling room and the University of Iowa, and the Olympic Arenas, I’ve told my athletes and the people that have been associated with me that if there is an opportunity in front of you, you take it.”

This is one of the best examples I’ve heard about the mentality that comes with the very elite. They will endure the pain necessary to become great, to become idolized. Would you beat that four minute mile time? Or are you going to slow down because it hurts? Even if you slow down you might win this race, but are you more prepared for the next one? Did you create your legacy? Did you maximize your potential? Did you seize that opportunity that was in front of you?

See these are just limiting beliefs. I want you go outside and go run right now. I want you to run five miles as fast as you can. And if you don’t think you can do it, do this: run two and a half miles away from your house without a cellphone or money, you will have no choice but to make it back.

And when you run you are going to hear a little voice inside you that tells you to quit, especially when you’re running really fast. It will tell you to stop running because you’ve had enough and you have nothing out there that you need to do this to; you’re not being chased be a lion, you don’t need to hunt. But I want you to fight as hard as you can to shut that voice off. You may be uncomfortable at times but you are not at failure, your body can handle so much more than you ever think. Your mind will try to rationalize why you shouldn’t do it, but your body is so resilient. But you must control your mind and you must learn to shut off that voice to pass the pain barriers if you want to be successful.

Because this voice-like when you are running-will play a huge part in your life forever moving forward. When you’re doing your school work, when you’re working on the computer, when you’re cleaning dishes, we always get a voice that comes in and says, “stop and take a break, we’ve had enough.” When we learn to shut that voice of doubt off when we run or lift weights we can learn to shut that voice off during any activity. Next time when you’re righting your essay you won’t have to take a break after the first page, you’ll knock everything out in one sitting. Because you will be able to shut off that voice that is telling you to quit. See there is two voices that come on; there is one that says “quit, quit, quit,” like we can’t handle this anymore or we need to take a break. And there is another voice that’s really tiny, that says “I can do it, I can do it, I am capable of more.” But it’s smaller.

But imagine two nobs, like volume nobs, on each one. And I want you take this big voice with these fears and doubts and I want you to turn them all the way down. And then this little voice that says you can, turn it all the way up – because you can do it. And the more you practice this, the better you will become at it, till you’re on a level of Dan Gable. If you keep doing it every single day, and you keep shutting down this voice, the easier it will be to fight through those pain barriers. And you will improve your threshold for tolerating pain like those Navy Seals. Things that used to seem hard for you will be a cake walk if keep pushing and you keep suppressing that voice that tells you to quit.

You can handle it. You are more than capable.


Transcript created from a video by Muscle Prodigy:



Be Fearless: By Jaret Grossman of Muscle Prodigy TV


There are two types of people in this world when it comes to attitude and thought process. Now the first set of people, these are the ones who wait for opportunities to come to them so that they can quote unquote, ‘take them.’ And they wait endlessly for some mirage or oasis to magically appear. Yet it never comes to fruition. And they end up in some job that they had no intention of being in, doing some minuscule task that they had no desire doing, all because they weren’t willing to risk it.

And the second set of people; these are the ones who find a way to create opportunities for themselves. These are the ones who make their own luck, so to speak. These people are your fortune five hundred CEO types, these are the ones who live life on their terms, these are the ones that lived the life that they wanted to, that they intended, that they envisioned. And the difference between the two sets of people comes down to this concept of fear.

You know the only fear that you should have in this life is fear in itself. Because those who aren’t afraid to go after what they want in life are the ones who turn out to be successful. And every successful person has conditioned their mind to think that they are going to exceed in anything that they do. And success is often a result of not being afraid to accomplish anything that you want to. Because anything is possible. And a lot of people just disregard it, and they say to themselves that, ‘successful people are there because they were lucky, or they were a product of good circumstance.’ But you are your own driving engine and you are your own breaks. Meaning that you are the only one who can determine your own fate.

You know, we can look at a laundry list of billionaires who started with absolutely nothing and ultimately got to where they wanted to be. Sam Walton, Ralph Lauren, Harold Hamm, David Murdock, Howard Shcultz, Oprah Winfrey, Larry Ellison, John Paul DeJoria … All these people started with nothing and built their empires through a gradual process by putting in the hours and time every single day to get there. You know, John Paul started Paul Mitchel hair products with seven hundred dollars in his pocket. All he had was seven hundred dollars, but this ridiculous, obsessive, sickening work-ethic turned his seven hundred dollars into something more. He was willing to put it all on the line to do venture after venture in what he believed to turn it into something powerful. And eventually it led to being a billionaire. And still, he hasn’t stopped even once he got there. Because its just about never being satisfied with your past performances, and not being afraid to just go out there and do the damn thing.

No one got to where they were without brick walls or stumbles along the way. Because no matter how good your idea is or how much work you’re willing to put into it, there are always going to be those dream killers. There’s always going to be those people who say that it can’t be done. But the only one who can prove them right or wrong is you. The only one holding you back is yourself. And any brick walls that come your way, you just have to ask yourself, ‘Are you willing to get passed the wall? Or are you going to let it stop you?’ Because these brick walls, they exist for one reason and one reason only: to signify how bad you want something.

No business or endeavor was magically produced over night. It is the result of getting passed brick wall after brick wall. It all comes down to how you’re willing to see your idea and your endeavor through to the end. You know, you can always point the finger at somebody else or something and say, ‘that was the reason’ why you didn’t get where you wanted to be. You know, people make excuses about the economy and say that is why they are not successful. Yet in the 1980’s, inflation and unemployment were worse than it is today – you know, you can always point the finger at someone else and say ‘that’s the reason.’

But in reality it is all up to you. You have a choice, every single day, with what you’re going to do with your life, or who you’re going to spend it with, or where you’re going to spend your money. But if you just go out and do what you’re passionate about and what you believe in, you’re going to be amazed at how far it is going to take you. You just need to believe enough in what you’re doing. You’ve got to believe that your cause is worth making as many sacrifices as it may possibly take to get there. The successful people in this world, you know, those future business leaders of tomorrow… those future professional athletes, musicians, and actors, and community leaders… the future President of the United States, they are not afraid to create their own opportunities.

They know where they are going in this world. They know where they are going to end up.

Do you?


~Jaret Grossman~