Monday Morning

Real quick, this is just a rant. Very simple.

And something that I want you to pass on or watch every Monday morning because the level of complaining is unacceptable.

Look, what if I told you this was the last Monday morning of your life?

What if I told you you’d die this week?

Would you complain about your crap job or that test you don’t want to take?

I doubt it.

You’d go much higher level thinking. Well that’s really what it takes.

It takes understanding that if you’re not pumped right now, if you’re begrudging what you’re about to do, if you’re not looking forward to it — Look, I respect practicality:

You got to go through school because your parents want you to, you got to pay your rent, you got student loans, I get it.

But please recognize the world we are living in.

We are living in a world where there is so much more opportunity; this internet thing created way more opportunity for all of us. Way more.

I mean look, you might not even be alive.

Like, your mom and dad could have had sex like three minutes latter and you wouldn’t even exist, and you’re complaining. You could have ended up being a bus, a tree!

I just don’t get the mentality of being head-down sad on a Monday morning.

I’m going to make Monday morning my bitch!

I’m going to make you Saturday, Monday morning.

That’s what I want to do every morning, and thats what I want from you.

Please, take a step back and think about how awesome it actually is. And then, recognize that you can attack the world in a totally different way because you were lucky enough to be born during this era.


Gary Vaynerchuck



Someday – isn’t on the┬ácalender.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday?

It’s on there about four times a month.

No Someday.

But when it comes to our dreams, it’s probably the busiest day of the week.

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we were all inspired? If the world wasn’t full of uninspired people?

We’re all taught that life is tough, life is a bitch, life is hard… but it’s not.

It’s pretty easy, right? It’s pretty easy to skate by and go through life.

The awful truth is, life is easy.

Living – truly living, chasing a dream and truly living – is hard.

Living is a bitch. Living is tough.

Especially when you switch it and you ask yourself:

‘What am I dying to do? What is it that puts that fire in my heart?’

And let me tell ya, there is something – if you’ve ever chased a dream you know that it lights a fire in your heart.

That whether you reach it or not, it warms everyone around you. And everything around you.

Don’t wait until Someday to answer that question.

There is nothing more important in your life than figuring that out.

We’re all dying. But if you’re not chasing your dream, you are already dead.


~ Steve Mazan ~